World Quantum Day Observation Resources Announced

April 12, 2024
Pictured: In celebration of World Quantum Day 2023, Collegedale Academy band teacher Greg Lindquist demonstrates a Ruben’s tube, which turns sound standing waves into visible standing waves in the flames. Students learned the notes produced by their musical instruments are actually standing wave patterns. They also learned that each note is a superposition of all possible overtones, a fundamental principle of quantum physics.

Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative (CQC) announces free learning resources as part of a 6-week World Quantum Day observance. Livestream or in-person speaking engagements, videos, lessons and interactive activities line up the resources designed for learners of all ages and are available at

Chattanooga, Tenn – April 12, 2024 - Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative (CQC), in partnership with EPB, today announced the launch of a six-week exploration of quantum technology in observance of World Quantum Day (April 14). From April 14 to May 31, learners of all ages and education levels are invited to explore quantum technology through a series of activities at effort is a continuing community-wide collaboration to prepare Chattanooga for education, jobs, and business opportunities in the emerging quantum sector.

“We’re grateful for the scientists, instructional designers, teachers, and others who have contributed expertise to build a collection of learning resources to help make learning about quantum accessible for everyone,” said Charlie Brock, CEO of Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative.

Interactive opportunities are designed to be completed at school or home, including alive-stream challenge with students at the EPB Institute of Technology and Networking at Tyner Academy. Other activities will include events with quantum experts from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Arizona State University, IonQ, and Qubitekk in presentations available both in person and via live stream at

Other available resources include hands-on activities created by instructional designers at the Public Education Foundation, the Enterprise Center, and the National Q-12 Partnership.

“Hamilton County Schools is dedicated to preparing our students for life after graduation, and our community is moving to a future of careers in quantum,” said Dr. Justin Robertson, Hamilton County Schools Superintendent. “For our students, this means encouraging skills development, including communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity, through learning precision making, design, and more in eLabs across our district. I encourage our students, staff, families, and community to continue utilizing the resources made available for World Quantum Day throughout the year as we prepare our students for the future of careers in Hamilton County.”

To encourage participation, CQC will give away five $150 Amazon gift cards through a drawing among participants who register at

The2024 World Quantum Day observation follows a successful 2023 initiative that resulted in more than 2,000 activities completed by students and adult learners across the Chattanooga and Hamilton County area. In 2024, partners expect to see 4,000 quantum-related activities completed during the 6-week observation period.

“As much potential as quantum holds for future technological advancements, Chattanooga has the distinction of being on the leading edge as a destination for quantum developers, and we want everyone who lives here to benefit,” said EPB CEO David Wade. “There are significant talent gaps across the industry. Through CQC’s and World Quantum Day learning activities, we hope to start the process of positioning the people who live in our own community to be ready for the jobs and investment opportunities that await.”

In addition to the CQC and EPB, contributors and partners in commemorating World Quantum Day include UTC, Oak Ridge National Lab, IonQ, Hamilton County Schools, Chattanooga State Community College, Qubitekk, the Public Education Foundation, the Chattanooga Public Library, Chattanooga Technology Council, the Company Lab, the Enterprise Center, Chattanooga 2.0, the City of Chattanooga and Hamilton County.

To access a full list of learning resources, visit

Launched in March 2023, Gig City Goes Quantum is part of Chattanooga’s larger effort to leverage EPB Quantum NetworkSM powered by Qubitekk, to accelerate the commercialization of quantum technology. Public and private organizations across Chattanooga continue collaborating to develop a quantum ecology to grow education, business, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

World Quantum Day is a global observance to promote public awareness and understanding of quantum science and technology around the world, beginning every April 14.




About the Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative (CQC)

The Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative (CQC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing a robust quantum ecosystem in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee, and beyond. By leveraging quantum resources and mobilizing diverse partnerships for the benefit of the region's people, businesses, and communities, the CQC aims to drive workforce development, economic growth, and infrastructure advancement in the quantum technology sector. For more information about the Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative, visit



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