What Area Leaders are Saying

March 26, 2024
Chattanooga Quantum

See what area leaders have to say about the Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative

CQC Board Chair and former U.S. Senator
Bob Corker

"I’m glad to help facilitate our community’s effort to capitalize on EPB’s outstanding infrastructure to take advantage of coming opportunities in quantum technology.”

Chattanooga Mayor and CQC Board Member
Tim Kelly

"Chattanooga has a proud tradition of working together across the public, non-profit and private sectors to get things done for our community, and this partnership is one of the next great chapters in that history. Thanks to the foresight of previous mayors and the leadership of EPB, we have a special opportunity to be at the forefront of this emerging area of growth. Quantum technology could define our economic future, bringing opportunities to our community unlike any we’ve ever seen before.”

EPB CEO and CQC Board Member
David Wade

Since the launch of EPB Quantum Network, our community’s focus on quantum technology continues to generate interest and momentum. With the CQC’s coordination and support, we can expand opportunities for everyone in our community to participate in meaningful ways to make Chattanooga a global destination for quantum developers and business innovation.”

U.S. Congressman
Chuck Fleischmann

“Chattanooga is where the future happens today. As Chattanooga’s Congressman, I’m proud to do my part to ensure that our Chattanooga-area community continues to lead the way in developing and using new technologies, like EPB’s state-of-the-art quantum network, that will revolutionize how we live and work in our daily lives."

UTC Chancellor
Steve Angle

"The extraordinary achievements Chattanooga has come to be known for are enabled by the strong collaboration among public, private, government, and other entities here, and quantum technology is only the latest example. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is the first university in the nation to connect to a commercial quantum network, a distinction made possible by collaboration with EPB and Qubitekk and their joint launching EPB Quantum Network℠ powered by Qubitekk. From adding quantum faculty and building a curriculum to prepare a workforce for quantum companies, we at UTC are working to fully maximize the opportunity to help build a quantum ecosystem in Chattanooga. The Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative will be a great asset to these efforts through its singular focus on bringing together expertise and novel opportunities for the benefit of economic development and infrastructure in the quantum technology sector.”

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Director
Stephen Streiffer

"At ORNL, we take on some of the nation’s toughest scientific challenges, and quantum is no different with the need to ensure America’s global leadership. This collaboration will allow us to support the larger national effort as we work with long-standing partners to produce significant regional impact."

TVA Vice President of Innovation and Research
Joe Hoagland

“Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize how the utility industry plans and manages the grid of the future. This effort is bringing together great expertise for the region that will not only help bring success to Chattanooga, but to the region as a whole.”

President of Chattanooga State Community College
Dr. Rebecca Ashford

"Joining the Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative aligns with Chattanooga State's values of embracing innovation and collaborating with our community. We’re proud to join our CQC partners in the bold pursuit of this transformational technology and prepare students for the jobs that quantum technology will create—jobs that we never dreamed would exist.”

Co-founder and CTO of Qubitekk
Dr. Duncan Earl

Chattanooga and Tennessee have a unique opportunity to seize the value that is already being presented by quantum technologies. Given that the nation’s first commercially available quantum network, EPB Quantum Network, has been deployed in Chattanooga, and UTC is the first university in the country to have access to such a network, this community is already establishing a leadership role in the quantum space.”

Tasia Malakasis

"As the quantum industry continues to develop, Chattanooga is clearly positioned to play a significant role. We're thrilled to work with CQC to recruit cutting-edge innovators and dynamic startups to join us in shaping the quantum future here in Chattanooga."

Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce CEO
Charles Wood

"Building on EPB’s quantum network investment is critical to Chattanooga’s future as other cities and regions are making significant investments in quantum. We look forward to collaborating with CQC and other community partners to ensure that Chattanooga remains a leader in quantum technologies."

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