What We’re Doing

To be a region where the advancement and adoption of quantum technology provides a safer, healthier, and more prosperous world.
We’re galvanizing cross-functional action in 3 key areas: 
  • Infrastructure
  • Economic development
  • Workforce development
In the long term, we aim to be a driving force that generates: 
  • $5 billion in regional economic and social benefit and
  • 5,000 strong regional quantum-ready workforce

More specifically, Chattanooga Quantum Collaborative’s role is to:

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COORDINATE & COLLABORATE on the beginning elements of a 10-year quantum community plan around infrastructure, economic development and workforce development. 


CONNECT & CONVENE stakeholders to assist with the 10-year plan, develop commercial use cases, advance quantum technology and explore pathways for learning and workforce development. Then, continued engagement with working groups will help define the longer-term vision and potential outcomes.


COMMUNICATE about our quantum assets to a broad audience locally, nationally, and internationally to drive economic development, job creation and community growth.